ZFS is one of the most highly developed file systems available and it outperforms any other file system in terms of speed, overall performance and reliability. The speed at which information is processed on a hosting server using ZFS is much higher, so not only will any sites hosted on the machine be read and executed faster, but also backups could be produced more quickly and more frequently without affecting the general performance. Moreover, ZFS works with checksums - digital algorithms which are employed to identify damaged files. Every time the file system finds that there is a problem with a specific file, it fixes it using a good copy from another hard drive in the RAID. Both the checks and the repairs are carried out right away, so the information located on ZFS-based servers shall be safe at all times since it practically cannot get corrupted. A different advantage of ZFS over other file systems is that there is no limit for the amount of files which may be stored in a single account or on the web server as a whole.

ZFS Cloud Storage, Mails, MySQL in Shared Hosting

If you choose to host your sites in a shared hosting account from our company, you shall experience the benefits of the ZFS file system first-hand because we use it on all servers that are part of our ground breaking cloud platform. Your files, e-mails and databases shall be stored on machines that use NVMe drives and loads of physical memory which makes it easy to take advantage of the whole potential of the ZFS file system. Because backups are created considerably faster, we will keep 4 copies of all your content every single day, so in case you delete a file or some update damages your site, you can easily restore everything the way it was using the browsable backups which are available inside your CP. In the event of a web server failure, it takes seconds to switch to a backup machine and by employing the ZFS system, we guarantee that the new machine shall have the newest copy of your site and that none of your files will be broken. Our ZFS-powered hosting packages will provide you with the speed, stability and security which you want for your Internet sites.

ZFS Cloud Storage, Mails, MySQL in Semi-dedicated Hosting

Considering all of the advantages which ZFS has over other file systems available on the market, we've made a decision to use it on all of our web servers which are a part of the advanced cloud platform where new semi-dedicated hosting accounts are created. Effective web servers with hundreds of gigabytes of physical memory and NVMe drives shall guarantee the best possible performance of the file system and of any site hosted on our end. We employ the same setup for storing not only the files that you upload, but also any databases which you build and emails that you receive, which raises the quality of our service tremendously over what you could find on the market. Not only shall there be no limitation to the quantity of files and emails that you can have at one time, but you will also have four browsable backups of all of your content each day and the backup generation will not affect the web server performance. Supplying such a number of backups is a result of the significantly better data compression rates which the ZFS system delivers. Due to the fact that all files are checked in real time, we could also switch to a backup machine within seconds if there is an issue with any server and the information on it shall be the latest one, so you won't ever need to think about the reliability of your hosting service or worry about losing any content.